“Apple”..The Bitten Apple of Technology and a Story of 4 Decades of Excellence

The story of its success resembles a lot the ambiguity of life, which we live and are attracted to; the life that is never complete and which beauty lies in this very same lack. It is the bitten “Apple” that always accompanies its creator’s name, Steve Jobs, the founder of this technological landmark from A to Z and its savior, who protected it from the deadly challenges, which once were about to totally erase its honorable history.

“Apple” started officially in 1976 with the efforts of three people, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and the American investor Mike Markkula. Its work focused on the manufacture of laptops. Only a year passed, before the newly founded company managed to offer the world the first device to compete with “I.B.M,” and success was its ally since then.  In 1984, it achieved a major leap with “Macintosh,” the first operation program with an animated front, then the data storage system, “the Desk.” It, thus, managed to compete with the most famous companies in the field, such as “Microsoft” and “Intel”.

 “Apple’s” success did not prevent obstacles from appearing in its way; they started with the first traditional conflict’s spark in relation to management among the friends, which ended with Jobs’ leaving the partnership. After which he founded his own separate company, “Next Software,” especially for the developed work platforms, through which he created the “Object” programing system that was the base for operating the “Mac” computers.

However, Next failed to survive its successive losses, then it was sold to Apple, which was also reaping the harvest of Jobs’ departure in the form of increasing financial losses, for it launched a number of disappointing products, such as Mac TV, that sold ten thousand pieces only, the Pippin games platform, and Apple Lisa which failed due to its exaggerate price, as well as iPod, which could not help the user smoothly shift from calling to operation. (How Did Steve Jobs Turn Apple Company Upside Down, 2011)

Apple Has the Greatest Value around the World for More than 10 Years

Apple could not find other solution but to mace a partnership contract with Steve Jobs in 1997, that provide for joining Next and assigning him the position of a distinguished consultant. He rapidly took steps that returned the company to its previous position and its products became the most popular in the international markets. IN a few years’ period, it became the first technological company in the world in terms of its assets value between the years 2001 and 2010, especially after launching the smartphone iPhone for the year of 2007, which became the most valuable and an international best seller, putting its competitors in an embarrassing situation. 

It is important to say that the American company has may competitors, for in the field of computers production it is in fierce competition with leading companies such as, HB, DEL, ASUS, but it managed to keep its position and gain new clients who are looking for its valuable products. In the field of smartphones, iPhone has held tight to the first rank to be followed by other companies, Samsung and Sony for example.

In the field of operation systems, Microsoft is major competitor of Apple, with its Windows, which has a smooth operational front and high-quality presentations; for its turn, the Apple Mac is known for facilitating the graphic design processes.

As for the smartphones operation systems, google is the first competitor with its Android program, which is internationally acknowledged, but, at the same universal level, Apple excelled with its iOs genius program. 

Apple’s competitors, especially Google and Samsung, are keen to attract the IOS users to utilize them. However, Apple would not allow for this because it gives iPhone and iPad users the ability to download Windows and Android applications from its apps store while Microsoft and Google users cannot enter its IOS applications, because it does not allow others to use its programs, which results in a state of enmity between it and its competitors.

Apple’s Policy with Its Employees Varies between Strictness and Partnership

Behind this success there was a very strict management policy which stressed two sides. The first is the accuracy in choosing the humane factor and conducting more than ten interviews with the applicants via the distinguished company’s figures. The interviews include complicated questions about technical issues and others to measure IQ.

AS for the second side, it relates to making the employees partners in decision making and financial gains. Apple has also created a program that gives all its employees without exceptions restricted money documents that have to be spent in a specific period, which is the first move of its kind among technology companies. Before this system, only managers and executive figures, as well as a few of the production employees were allowed to buy shares for low prices. (Apple Gives all its Employees Shares in the Company including Retailers, 2015)

In return, the company’s policy with its employees is described as strict, for some of the people who were employed there said that the workplace was boring and energy draining especially during holidays and after office hours. In addition to this, there are no recreational aspects, such as sports or other games, unlike other companies which offer their employees free of charge recreational activities. According to them, Apple is good for workaholics and does not suit the people who have other social duties.   

This strictness does not only apply to the employees, it also applies to any attempt at violating the intellectual properties of its intentionally most valuable brand, the reason why it requested a 150 thousand dollars compensation from Amazon, an e-trade website, for the iPhone energy cable, sold on the website. It also requested tow million dollars for each attempt at copying its brand, and filed official complains against 51 companies that sell its copied products on the internet.

Apple Recycles 27 Thousand Tons of Electronic Waste

Apple does not only seek to prevent copying its brand, but it also faces accusations of having a bad effect on environment, so it actually started using renewable energy for the manufacture processes in more than 24 countries. It adopts an annual plan to decrease carbon emissions from its factories and to deal with the dangerous waste.

It even went further, for it created robots that have the ability to deconstruct its old devices and reuse its old components, in means that do not harm neither humans, nor the environment; it succeeded in recycling more than 27 thousand tons of electronic waste; it also replaced the plastic bags in its stores with paper made ones, 80% of which are recycled materials. 

Market Value:  903. 903.28 billion dollars on March 16, 2018
Number of Employees around the World: 123 thousand employs at the end of 2017  
  The Numbers of the Countries Where it Performs: %00 official stores in 19 countries to February 2017  
Accumulated Annual Benefits: 50.5 billion dollars for 2017
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