Arab youth

   The book explained and analyzed the issues of the Arab youth as a huge developmental force that was deliberately for long periods. It was preoccupied with various marginal issues and distracted from the fateful issues of its nation for long periods, low awareness, low education, unemployment, drug proliferation and other major challenges facing Arab youth.

   The book asked about the future of Arab youth in light of the unprecedented challenges that surround the nation and the world around it, and how to turn these challenges into opportunities and broad horizons that solve the problems of the present and illuminate the paths of the future so that the Arab youth will be the locomotive of development for his nation and society. The marginalization of man and the problems of searching for identity and feeling alienated.

   The book sheds light on the definition of youth as a stage of life and the characteristics of the pedagogical and educational importance, describing the most prominent pains and problems and concerns experienced by the youth of the Arab nation, which cast a negative impact on the reality of the nation as a whole, considering that Arab youth is the locomotive of the Renaissance for any development efforts that will awaken these The nation from its slumber to catch up with human civilization launched at unprecedented speeds, by scientific and technological revolutions.

    The book discussed the role of youth in the renaissance of modern societies; through several main axes covering important aspects of its role in building the society, it’s political, economic and developmental role, and then the prospects for the desired renaissance and the reality of the young ones. Finally, the emphasis on youth is the cornerstone of any desired change towards a reality and a better future.

   The book explores the effects of globalization, to the reality of the Arab youth, which has become a cultural, social, intellectual and alternative artistic identity, which is invading societies and peoples to the extreme, although each nation belongs to a distinct and distinct culture, Which can address the negative inputs imposed by this transboundary culture and races, especially as the impact of different cultural identities is what made the entity of globalization dynamic constantly evolving with Accelerate the pace of life that does not know stop or stability.

     Then the book returned to analyze the dimensions of awareness and its importance in the lives of nations and peoples, and discussed the necessities of planting the plant in the conscience of our youth, so as to be fully aware of the reality and future. Through the definition of awareness, concept and classification, with emphasis on political awareness and importance, and the reasons for the phenomenon of weakness among young people, and factors affecting the low awareness of the political section of youth, and how it can be supported and disseminated among Arab youth.

     It is not too late to examine the impact of the Arab spring revolutions on the reality of young people in the Arab region, by monitoring the pain borne by young Arab demands for change, and then the hopes experienced by these young people when there was a new horizon before being torn apart by frustration after the end of their revolutionary wave, And the resulting failures in the payment of taxes by young people themselves.

    Then the book addressed the issue of the need of our Arab nation to a new generation of conscious youth able to challenge the difficulties and take responsibility. The book answered legitimate and logical questions about the dangers that may result from the exclusion of young people and their absence from the public community scene and the crucial issues of the nation.

   The book then tackled the problem of emigration of young people from abroad, and the resulting obstacles to the progress of comprehensive development plans at the national or Arab regional level.

    The book stressed the importance of empowering Arab youth away from futility, which they regard as a kind of theoretical luxury or intellectual debate, stressing that it is an urgent task and a priority that is required by governments, elites and societies alike, given the magnitude of the risks and challenges faced by Arab countries and societies. Present and future, and because young people are the present and future of the nation, they are the main starting point and the cornerstone of any development strategies to build a better future for our nation in line with its history. The bright and civilization glue.

    Finally, the book presented a strategic approach to youth issues at the administrative and practical levels through reviewing several successful experiences in the field of youth management, which succeeded in effectively managing youth issues, making them a development locomotive for the advancement of Arab countries and societies and the settlement of sustainable development in our Arab world. , And reduce the problems that have long been caused by the marginalization of young people and consider them that traditional view, which has long been considered a political burden, economic and security.

    This strategic approach, with its guiding framework background, serves as the basis for building and developing it through the conscious utilization of international and regional expertise that has managed to positively manage the youth’s youth capacities, thus creating a qualitative leap in terms of sustainable development and strategic indicators of strength, comprehensive, material and moral.

اظهر المزيد