Common errors in searching for a job

If you are a new graduate , you have certainly heard that job search is one of the most difficult stages in your life, particularly nowadays in the Arab world, which suffers from many political and social problems, as well as wars here and there. Accordingly, the crisis has escalated to unprecedented levels.

‏We will not be as pessimistic as to be lazy; supposing that the only reason of not having a job is the problems of your own country. However, some young people are not responsible enough and they do not work hard to bypass such problems and get the jobs they dream.

Modern studies have created new concepts for job searching process. They have many methods, strategies and stages that every young man has to go through in order to overpass the intense competition between thousands of job applicants; especially there are   limited number of job opportunities  offered by both governmental and private sectors.

As a natural result of searching for jobs, there are some common errors  that young people make. Here are some of the most common errors that job seekers commit, try to avoid them so that you can find a suitable  job:

– Poor  CV:

A CV is your way to the employer. lousy CV is one of the fatal errors of searching for a Job. It should include your data, your qualifications, your course of study, your contact information, etc. Remember that the quantity of information is not the purpose of writing CV , but rather qualitative, authentic, and reflective.

Young people sometimes fall in a trap of numerating all their qualifications and skills in their CV, which may not be useful or suitable for the job, to which they are applying. They also forward the same CV to a group of companies without revising its information to make sure that it meets the company’s requirements.

Don’t forget to check linguistic and grammatical errors in your resume to leave a good  first impression.

– Time Management

It is an important strategy of searching a job. That is, the e second error which seekers make; namely they search haphazardly and waste much time and effort in vain.

Organizing and taking notes orderly will help you achieve progress in search; e.g., you know which companies you will exclude and which ones you will include in your search constantly.

Organized search will also help you to understand better the work nature of the company you want to join. Moreover, specialties  are numerous  and similar, thus  you should be fully aware of the different types of jobs offered by these companies.

Making Work Relations and Links.

Job seeker should consider the importance of making relationships with people who have experience in labor market or who have  already worked in the companies that  you want to join. However, many youth sometimes neglect this advice thinking that it’s not effective Of course, we are not calling here for nepotism, but we talk about  fair  competition . If you think you have  qualifications for certain job, it’s a good idea to ask for help to set a time for interview.

Your success in interview depends only on your performance. In the Arab world, recommendations are generally very effective, since some companies sometimes do not advertise jobs, so you need an employee inside the company you want to join to know when they offer new jobs.


If you Neglect to follow-up your CV after sending to companies, either by e-mail, or hand-delivery; it may be lost among many other numerous CVs. You have to contact these companies continuously either by telephone or email to ask about the advertised jobs online. Such a step is very important to show your enthusiasm to join their teamwork.

Remember to be focused and to speak clearly and directly when you call to ask about the job, since the employee doesn’t have time to waste in chatting. Thus, be specific and try to leave a positive impression.

– Neglecting training :

It is a common error of young people, especially graduates, to neglect training courses in their field of study or  the field of work, believing that their university degrees will be enough to qualify to work. The employers regard  the novice graduates as apprentice and they don’t not have enough time to train. Employers want experienced and trained staff, so develop your skills and information of the job you want to join,  leaving a good impression about your seriousness and your enthusiasm to succeed

Full Readiness for Interview:

If you have reached interview stage, this means that you have already attracted  the attention of the company, and you have the basic requirements of the job as your personal CV states. Thus, you have to be ready for this step and train yourself to answer the expected questions steadily and confidently. In addition, being neat and well-dressed is important, since your appearance reflects how serious and responsible you are.

Ignoring social media networks:

Social networking is one of the most important modern ways of finding work, but some people ignore its huge advantages, which can be a shortcut in searching for jobs.  Most business owners have accounts on social media sites, such as  LinkedIn, the most famous site for work and jobs . Thus, it would be a good idea that you contact the employment officer or company owners directly through these sites.

However, you should be careful of what you write or post on your profile when looking for a job, because companies owners often visit your personal page to fully acquaint to the job applicant.

Young Men preference Certain Jobs to the Available Ones.

This is a serious mistake the job seeker commits, as he/she finds reality sometimes different from his/her dreams and ambitions. However, this shouldn’t affect negatively. Instead, one has to cope with the current situation so that he/she can get the job they want. We don’t mean to forget their dreams, but they have to seize opportunities while achieving dreams.

You will lose nothing. Instead; these transitional jobs will give you experience, enabling you to recognize the nature of work market which you don’t know before graduation.

You can also ask your employer to write a letter of recommendation to the new job and this will be a good step. Moreover, looking for a job is a long journey and you will, at least, need money for your daily needs. Accept transitional work opportunities even if they don’t fulfill your ambitions at present.

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