Have fun with your staff… Make honey

Each one of us dreams of owning his own business or having his own company, one of us who achieves this dream and who we are trying to achieve. However, everyone knows that it does not end with the opening of the company or the factory or the institution. To open this project to boast only, or to choose a name he loves, but wanted and wants to be a successful project, here comes to us a very obvious question: How to judge any business or project that is classified in the list of successful projects ?!

By Yahya Omar

Perhaps the first answer that comes to the minds of many of us is that the success of any business is linked to the financial return to him, and who works in the financial markets to judge the success of the price increase or decline, but I believe that the success of any work depends on the angle seen by the owner of the institution Or the company’s success, many of us seek to make a material profit, and there is a category that believes that their success is successfully the message they are working for, such as the dissemination of culture and social awareness and so on, the first goal is to reach the minds and not pockets.

We may get to the stage of success and judge a company as successful, but we have to take a moment to evaluate this success. There is a lot of difference between success and another, so the question mark comes up to show us how to achieve the top score and how do we get the mark?

Here we have things and things that we think are the basics and we try to arrange them according to their importance, so the place is in the foreground, then the tools and the equipment, then the advertising, then the good employee.

It may be said that the administrative awareness played its role and the importance of the role of the employee in pushing forward the progress of the company, here is the horse or what I like to call the bottom line, yes no longer the importance of the role of good human resources hidden on one, but is the main engine of the process of production, The higher the index of this measure we were sure that we are on the right track, and this measure in turn is divided into parts of the group to each other, such as the productivity of the machine, publicity, employee and others .

Many studies confirm that different mental abilities from one person to another no longer play a large role in its productivity, but how to take advantage of those large or small capabilities is the point to look for, and confirms to us this point the disparity we see in the productivity of the individual time To another affected by administrative or material change, it was important to talk about the factors that lead to increase or decrease productivity of the employee, and perhaps prompted me to talk about this issue specifically two things, first reading a number of studies that interested me, and of course these studies did not Carried out in our Arab society, but insulting The second is what is rumored about the holy month of Ramadan, which God has restored to you and you in Yemen and the blessing that it affects the productivity of employees and limits them.

In fact, it is possible that fasting has some impact on productivity, but what spreads from gossip in the offices or through its corridors is what amplifies those rumors to the degree that our employees are convinced, which in turn affects the employee directly and his performance, see our employee in the morning working hours Does not have the ability to lift his head from fatigue but with the ability of a capable player has the power to play a game in football after the end of working hours and before the time of breakfast, and may not have words and news that spread the spread of fire in the wild impact always negative, an American study conducted in my city Boston and Chicago that gossiping among Employees help and strengthen their friendly relationships, often increasing their productivity and speeding up the performance of their business.

The literature, as the study has shown, does not necessarily have to be harmful information. Employees talk about promotions at work, pregnancies, events and other positive topics as much as they talk about their co-workers’ mistakes. “The slander also drives job evaders to do their homework and catch up with the level of their colleagues.

I did not mean through the memory of this study to encourage the gossip in any form, God forbid, but I wanted to point out that you can take advantage of this bad character, which is known to one degree of spread in our circles and institutions, by broadcasting some good information about Rewards, promotions and other news that our dear staff has authorized, and this information is able to achieve itself with the wonderful impact it will pay the employee to work in a manner that makes him eligible for the reward and promotion expected.

This is if we are looking for reasons to increase employee productivity, but if we are to look at the reasons that lead to a decrease in productivity is completely the opposite of the reasons that lead to increase, such as the weakness of financial income or delay in the distribution of financial dues and others, but there is no hidden reason To many managers, the Internet, as if I now see you dear reader, and I have raised your eyebrows to denounce this point, but I apologize to you, the right is said, has been observed recently the popularity of companies producing Internet censorship programs, especially after the survey confirmed That 75% of the company’s user managers Internet confirmed that the online monitoring process in offices has become necessary, for example, if you spent a thousand employees in a medium company hours a day on the Internet Vsichaelv This company thirty-five million dollars a year, according to a separate study conducted in the United States. Although I believe that this study is true, I honestly say that it is not the employee’s denial of the Internet or entertainment that is the most effective solution to increase his productivity. On the contrary, depriving him of such advantages may result in a negative reaction to his work. Which he likes to do is the starting point in success, and the provision of some means of luxury will certainly contribute to it, and perhaps the best example we can now mention is Google, it is no secret to you dear success of this company, not through pressure or siege, but through Entertainment and recreation, I suspect the time has been Dear Director that because change some of your policies and emptied a small portion of the building of your company to make it fun

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