Job search hurdles

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems faced by young people and Arab governments, especially after the crisis has worsened in the last 10 years, due to its dangerous consequences, especially in a region of volatile events such as the Arab region at all levels; political and social, and even if the circumstances and specificities of each country differ , Young people remain the basic building blocks for development and economic growth that the countries aspire to, and the waste of these young talents and capacities negatively affects the achievement of these goals.

The repercussions of unemployment are psychological problems for the young job seeker, because of his collision with reality after graduating after he aspired to get a job quickly, enabling him to build his future and achieve his physical and moral security; and by finding himself standing in front of great obstacles to frustration and despair, Which may sometimes lead to the slide of young people into calls for violence and terrorism, which the Arab world has long suffered.

Between education and work

Finding a suitable job protects many young people from these dangers, protects the state from having to deal with these problems, pay attention to development and build a community, and to be fair; there are many barriers to finding a job in the Arab world. Which suffer from some Arab societies, which led to the increasing number of graduates of universities and educational institutes, while the supply of jobs is few, unable to absorb all these numbers, and the Arab market is unable to exploit all the disciplines of education, Dr Suha between students and actually required in the market.

A number of Arab countries continue to suffer from great problems in the education issue, either because the teaching methods are old and ineffective in the lives of students, or because the curricula are not keeping pace with the developments occurring in the whole world , As well as some old and outdated educational methods, not follow-up to technological development, which has become the main engine of development processes, the student graduated regardless of his academic specialization, and still needs to train and acquire skills to enable him to assume the responsibilities of the job in general and its own function, A business owners under severe economic crises; therefore limited their desire to appoint competencies and expertise holders, and ignore recent graduates experience and competence, even if they possessed the necessary talent.

Political and economic crises

The recent political crises in the Arab countries, which witnessed major political changes as a result of the Arab Spring revolutions and subsequent wars, and the ensuing problems, led in some ways to the collapse of the economy and infrastructure in their countries. This resulted in the high rates of unemployment, Revolutions from the ground, as well as the displacement of a large number of young people from these countries to neighboring countries, which led to an influx of numbers looking for jobs in exchange for the supply of them a few.

One of the most important obstacles facing young people in the search for a job is the acute disease that the Arab world suffers in order to appear to be creating and dying at the end of the world: corruption, bribery and moderation. A large number of young people who get jobs after graduation reach them through means and bribery, On the efficiency or skill that qualifies him to work, and regardless of the seriousness of the shoulders of people who are not competent for jobs that may eventually lead to disasters; the medium, corruption and bribery cause inflation of the problem of unemployment; in terms of unequal opportunities and provide equal for all, which leads to social injustice and psychological K Bear has the young to confront him without guilt.

States’ economic policies may have a negative impact on young people finding suitable jobs in terms of setting up large economic enterprises that provide good jobs, forcing business owners to support young people and integrating them into the labor market, which will benefit all parties.

In some countries, bureaucracy and strict routines may be obstacles to seeking employment, or rather to setting up a special job. After a good number of young Arab men have set up their own small businesses and abandoned the idea of ​​traditional jobs that are difficult to obtain, Another problem is the lack of funding, tough conditions set by banks to finance small businesses, and the reluctance of businessmen to support them; for fear of risk of losing large sums, and if young people find appropriate funding, new problems arise such as taxes, which are often high.

Youth thinking is part of the problem and the solution

The prevailing thought among the Arab youth is to obtain a suitable job physically and socially in one of the major companies to achieve his ambitions and satisfy his pride, which makes him wait for many years waiting for something that may come, And may not come while ignoring many opportunities and multiple competencies in front of his vision waiting for his great dream, and this is one of the worst decisions that a person may take in his life, he should not leave a bird in the hand waiting for the top ten tree, but to seize the opportunity before him even if It was not satisfactory at the time He continues to search for the job of his dreams at the same time; the whole idea is not to waste more time.

The fierce competition that has become the rule of the world, including the Arab region, forced the employers to search for talent and the rare talent. Everyone is looking for overwhelming success and enormous wealth in the sense of finding employees who work quickly and efficiently and do not cost the company financial burdens represented in training, The salary and privileges that the company gives to these employees are sufficient, and although these methods of management are somewhat harsh, the business world is what makes laws and regulations, and only people.

The employer also does not want a rebellious or weak employee, but must be able to withstand pressure. He has the power to give up part of his personal glory in exchange for working to achieve the company’s goals with his colleagues and of course complying with the orders of his subordinates.

On the other hand, there are many young graduates who are not aware of what awaits them after graduation. Therefore, many of them neglect training and skills development, starting with how to write a successful CV, follow modern methods, job search strategies, and even skip the interview. The appropriate function

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