Management and Organization Events and conferences

   Due to the global interest in the industry of events, there is a need for specialized institutions in the organization and management and experts with professional capabilities in this field, which is ultimately towards the economic development of the incubator countries of this kind of administrative and logistic industries.

   Through the pages of this study, the researcher is exposed to a variety of different concepts and topics related to the activities; the concept of activities, their origin, development, types, organization and importance.

   The researcher discussed the organizational vision of the management of the events. The organizations started to research the modern management systems and sciences, especially with regard to marketing and manpower management, and developing the knowledge and expertise that develop the abilities and skills of its members, who are responsible for holding exhibitions, conferences, celebrations, events, seminars and meetings. To save money, effort and time and raise the efficiency and effectiveness of those working in this field in order to achieve the objectives of institutions to organize these events and conferences.

    The researcher discussed the idea of ​​organizing exhibitions as one of the most important types of events organized, and how to develop festivals, exhibitions and conferences. Organizing them is not as simple as some expect, but it involves many complex issues related to the brand or intellectual to be marketed. Planned, technical and well-studied technical aspects prior to the start of the exhibitions. The analysis and evaluation that follows the events of the exhibitions and ensuring their return on investment is one of the main engines of the exhibition industry.

    The researcher also dealt with the challenges and difficulties facing the organization of events and conferences, the most prominent of which are: the poor level of organizers of events and the low quality of organization, and the difficulty of dealing with some bureaucratic procedures in some countries, limited participation of women effectively in exhibitions and conferences.

   The researcher also discussed some of the accompanying activities and their final aspects of the events and conferences, such as press conferences, marketing and advertising in line with the launch and promotion of the conference.

   The researcher reviewed a number of successful international experiences in organizing events and conferences.

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