Management of media institutions

   Modern media is no longer just a message, a culture and an ideology, but with the importance and centrality of these components. It has developed in the light of modern scientific and technological developments. It has become an advanced industry that is very complex and private. The print press, for example, has moved from individual journalism to institutional journalism, the work performance system is its main focus.

  The study deals with the media management in its various aspects, from the analysis of the concept of media management, the statement of the different management of the media organization on the management of any other type of institutions.

   The study also examines the types of media institutions, their management methods, the objectives of the media organization, the inputs and outputs of the media organizations, structure and performance, sections and levels of management, functions and tasks.

    The study identifies the elements of the management of the media organization, which optimize the use of available resources through planning, organization, leadership and control to reach a specific goal.

     Therefore, the management of the media organization depends on a number of elements that contribute to the management, continuity and success of the work, which are studied in detail and include: the staff of the institution of administrators, employees, workers, finance and headquarters, logistics, the activity of the institution, communication tools and management.

    The qualifications required for the director of the media organization differ from those required for the director of any other productive or commercial institution. This position requires flexibility, experience in dealing with current events, Experience in direct communication with subordinates, decision-making speed, and effective strategies for action.

     The study is covered in detail, the media relations between the freedom of opinion and the law, the social responsibility and the yellow press, with the mention of some media legislation in the Arab world.   The study also discusses censorship of electronic media, whether it is economic censorship, penal control, censorship of blogs, technological control, management of the Internet team, or how to successfully manage the team remotely.

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