So as not to carry the burden of large

Not in the new speech on the ears that discuss the enormous technical revolution witnessed by the world and the accompanying media revolution was the launch of thousands of satellite channels, magazines and websites, even to calculate the observer that it will not end until every house on the planet his own satellite channel !!

 There are many channels of these channels and varied doctrines, some of them are professional news, including what is for movies or sports or advertising, and it came to each other to allocate the finer details of life, it is no wonder that you find a channel specialized in cats only, or in some types of insects!

In the midst of these channels and their war to take their share of the market viewers, did not hide from the owners to set aside a large space for children; because of its importance, from the point of view of the wise seeking human renaissance is a very important segment must be paid attention and guidance correctly, The trader and the investor are the largest group in society and the easiest to influence.

The conflict between the builder and the investor has arisen. Everyone wants to win this sensitive category to his class, and between the stress and the loss of the child between the values ​​of the programs and the cheap ones. He is the one who has not yet possessed the talent of good choice, which has negatively affected the child, whether through loss of spirit Childhood and fun is growing up to watch the series based on the stories of violence and killing and destruction and accompanied by a large amount of noise and shouting .. Or loss of social self, many of our children are in front of the screens for many hours, which have their own world, to show serious diseases what we hear, the most important of which is mental illness

When I was visiting a friend, his three-year-old daughter came and sat in my lap and spoke to me in an incomprehensible language. She felt that she was explaining to me events she had seen, but in special language and vocabulary. It did not take long So I knew what the case was. The small father worked for many hours outside the house and her mother was always busy doing housework, and the girl sat in front of the television watching programs in English, and this was not the case.

We rarely find in our homes that child interested in drawing, music or sports, but the child is in a state of mental and mental disorder, between the values ​​received from parents, and the strange habits that draw from the silver screen, which in my view is no longer silver, but became Dark black emits toxins in minds.

I do not want to speak to the owners of satellite channels or officials in the field of media; because they are aware of the danger but they condone it, and how they do not broadcast children’s programs around the clock, the child no longer knows the night of the day, but I want to address this word to parents, Those who enjoy sitting with their children in front of the television are happy with the comfort they provide. From their point of view, those who bear the burden have come to them. The burden of the child, which may be borne by children in childhood, inflates and nurtures them, and gives them back a much greater burden than they did. His studies, failed in his social life, a rebel against values, finds in himself tendencies that do not correspond to his real environment and have been fueled by strange ideas. And here are all that I want parents to overcome the fun they live, and carry the control, and turn off the television, and pay little attention to what tends to their children, and the mercy of God in our days; the period of children on television does not exceed the hour, we find ourselves to have a lot of time we could To exploit it in things that have had a great interest on us

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