To be functional secure

They wake up from their dream to find that their reality protects them, and some wake up to find that their reality is a bigger nightmare; you can not wake up from this reality, who do I talk about? I talk about our employees, and what do I mean by the ghost? I mean unemployment, which can only escape from job security.By Yahya Omar

In the past decade, and especially in 2008 and beyond, the world experienced a crisis of financial crisis, which had a bad impact on the global economy as a whole, and the physical pressure on companies due to this crisis to seek quick solutions, and did not see most of these companies were large or The first bird is to get rid of the labor that has become redundant in the shadow of the economic recession, and the second to provide some financial liquidity, and reduce expenses; which led many of the employees to live a nightmare The so-called (in the varnish), so access to Z work, sitting at the desk without seeing the paper employee dispensing with the service is a great blessing.

The absence of job security and income instability is one of the most prominent outcomes of globalization. Global competition policy has led governments and employees to adopt more flexible employment policies characterized by the absence of any contracts or functional guarantees, resulting in a lack of job stability, according to a report by the United Nations Development Program Entitled “Globalization with a human face”.

Most employees place job security at the top of their priorities when they apply to any job, so they prefer it for the high salary, followed by the Arab saying, “A better current is better than a broken river.” This interest in job security is due to the employee’s intellectual and psychological comfort. In making many fateful decisions. Perhaps the most important of these decisions is the decision to marry. This is evident in the postponement of the young category of the marriage step after the age of 30, because they feel insecure that motivates them to take such a step and continue to postpone until they find the right job , Or feel me The train of age will miss them, and the sweetest days of their youth will be lost among the tides, and they will offer them, and they have surrendered themselves to the days.

In terms of psychological, many specialists pointed out that the decline in the sense of job security is closely linked to high rates of negative emotions such as anxiety, depression and other feelings that weaken the physical structure, and make people vulnerable to diseases that may appear only after it is too late, Including irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, high blood pressure, heart disease, appetite disorders and other diseases that negatively affect an individual’s life.

Perhaps the government companies are the most concerned about the security of the job, which we see almost non-existent if not in private companies and institutions, even if found in private companies, we see that there is no illusion on the ground, and this explains why the rush of most human cadres to work in the government sector, To the extent that increased the status of government employee in the community, a small government employee is comparable to the position of the most competent management in private companies, according to the narrow view of our communities have been able to secure his future, and has a financial resource protected by the treachery of time, while our friend remains a private employee in The wind, j Babysit in order to stay on the chair which is where, is calculated for each account work done, and every word tell her, what the word or do not like the company that employs the owner, it may be the reason for throwing out and head with.

But is job security the advantage we’re looking for?

Job security is an ongoing financial resource that enables us to afford to open a house and make a family. We also enjoy a year-end leave with paid expenses. We feel more secure when we know that there is a lifetime pension, But do we think that we have achieved what we want from this life?

Job security is one of the most important characteristics of a good job, but at the same time it is considered one of the most important reasons for the killing of dreams and ideas. Many studies have shown that a large percentage of them have killed the spirit of ambition and lived in their offices, And they are only waiting for the salary at the end of each month and the premium that comes at the end of each year, at a time when the proportion of innovators in the private sector; for the high rate of competition, and try to reach a technical level or a stable financial resource to replace the security of the career in terms of future vision, An employee in the private sector places n He has always set his eyes on himself, forming his own business and establishing his own company. Therefore, it is rare for a private sector employee to continue for a long time in one institution or entity.

Here, we can not ignore the initiatives of many institutions and private companies in the field of job security like other public, but these initiatives were limited to large companies, and remained below the required level, and even in government institutions can not say: The security of the career has reached the stage Perfect, so how safe?

In an accelerated era variable advanced I do not think that the security is limited to the amount of money received by an individual at the end of his career, or if subjected to an accident at work, but safety is to acquire the skills and experiences that open the doors to the job seeker, the safety of creating an open mind creator capable to find solutions to the most difficult circumstances and out of the predicaments smoothly and easily, and the voices of the worlds administration things to adopt a new approach in training, given to him as the development of the capacity factor, thereby contributing to the achievement of a common interest of the worker and the institution to which it belongs at the same time, in this way the employee Has been awarded Compromise training and skill is an important asset in his career, which is supposed to be full of transitions and changes, and will not Shiver opportunities our horror when any crisis of any kind, but may see the appropriate opportunity that proves the existence and exploits thoughts, plans and experiences in his mind.

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