When the brand becomes part of the customer’s life

     All around us are things and tools that are trademarks with the days is companion for our lives. The acquisition of a brand is no longer just an ambition or a desire, but a lifestyle that many today live in a world full of appearances. The acquisition of certain brands, the choice of places frequented by people, and the clothing they wear represent and differentiate people from each other.

     Certainly, the early stages of the birth of the brand are very important in the life of any product or service, which determines the success or failure of the mark, sometimes companies are victims of imitation or choose a trademark is not successful or has no relation to the company, Short; therefore, the building of the brand should be based on objective and systematic principles, taking into account the technical touches, because the brand is one of the commercial assets of the company and is considered an economic and social value that must be strengthened for you is different from competitors’ brands.

Features that build and enhance the intangible value of the brand include :

Quality: The first positive impression of the quality and quality of the product or service opens the door to the purchase of more products of the company, and the formation of loyalty and belonging by customers, and through their positive feedback can attract new customers.

Price: The customer can decide to pay a higher price for the brand that has made a positive impression on it, and can pay a higher price for brands that make the public look at it distinctly.

Reliability: The quality of service and product must be stable at the same level. It is not enough to have a distinctive start; the mark you want to stay on will maintain the same level of quality and work on developing it.

The attractive general image: It is the one that persuades the customer to buy even without knowing all the details about the product or service; the general framework of the product in the market is a major attraction.

    Here we can say: The image of the brand must be simple and elegant, easy to preserve, linked to a certain level of quality does not change, while continuing to work on improvement and development. They should be linked to the economic and social environment, but they will not succeed if they are isolated from their environment.

     The name of the brand must be distinctive and should not have bad connotations in the countries where it is marketed or in other languages.

   The brand has many benefits from having a strong brand, so it does not need high marketing expenses to promote its merchandise. Brands of certain kinds of perfumes and clothing have permanent customers promoting them.

   Having a successful brand is considered to be a wealth and origin of the tangible enterprise; the institution can sell or lease the brand, or franchise it, and so on.

   The name should indicate the advantages of the product and suggest its characteristics and characteristics such as movement or color. It should also be easy to pronounce, easy to identify, and can be remembered by the customer. Easily, the short names here help.

     In taking these points into consideration, the organization will achieve the main objectives of the brand; the most important: increasing loyalty to the product by the public and the target segment; it is the ultimate goal of the brand to be fully loyal to them; it does not go to another brand; A friendly friend, so that the mark becomes part of his life.

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