You … and your partner

Partnership in economic projects is a double-edged sword. Having a partner in your project can add a lot of benefits to you. The opposite may be, and partnership makes you get faster, effortless and less cost-effective. If the partnership is based on clear criteria and fundamentals, the situation will be much better. On the other hand, partnership is not always the best solution for implementing your project. It needs very careful steps, and you should not think that the partnership provides solutions to all problems. Some prefer to work without a partner because of the disadvantages that can affect the project and its objectives later on.

So if the disadvantages are more than their advantages, then choose any other solution away from them, so we will review with you the advantages and disadvantages of partnership in economic projects, to choose the best for you:

First: Advantages of the partnership:

Risk distribution

The partnership distributes risks arising from the project between more than one partner. In the case of project failure or loss, it is divided among all the parties involved.

Expand resources

The partnership provides capital to the project mitigates its financial burden, has a partner who has access to the material liquidity required to start the project, and gives you the opportunity to reduce the total costs of the project.

Exchange of knowledge and experience

The knowledge and experience of project management partners can be learned by acquiring a lot of skills, increasing efficiency and efficiency by relying on a division of labor. The partner brings new skills to help you achieve excellence. You can also benefit from partnership and diversity of knowledge between you and your partner. You can be an expert in marketing, and your partner is an expert on the administrative or legal level, so you will complement each other, and all of this will ultimately be in the interest of the business and the project.

Reduce the time required to implement the project

When you work with a partner you can do less work in less time. Implementing a new project requires research in marketing, negotiating with investors, and studying better sales, which drains much of your employer’s time. The time needed to start, implement and complete the project. Partnership saves time and eliminates duplication of efforts.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness

Partnership arrangements achieve better results than each individual can achieve, and the partnership achieves better results through the impact of partners on each other’s goals and values ​​through negotiation and better working standards. On the other hand, there will be scope for expanding financial resources as a result of cooperation Individuals among themselves.

Encourage creativity

The partnership promotes more strategic approaches by partners. Partnership works to provide better strategic ideas, a better coordination approach, and better formulation and implementation. Some people sometimes lose motivation when they start their businesses and find it difficult to maintain their enthusiasm, but partners motivate each other.

Achieving success and expansion of business

And by creating incentives for the economic and social problems, which in turn create new incentives. The decision-making process is better when evaluated from more than one person. It helps partners develop missing ideas and provide more inputs to improve the action plan. And improve them, so you will have a better chance of success.

Second: The disadvantages of the partnership:

Differences and Controversies

At times, partners are exposed to differences in behavior, ways of thinking and work policies, ways of dealing with problems and methods of solving them, and sometimes differences of objectives also, which generates some differences between partners, especially when these differences are not accepted by the other, then generated a number of bickering .. How many Projects failed due to differences of partners!


The dominance and control of one of the partners in the partnership result in a lack of the principle of equality between partners, which generates negative consignments and ambiguities in the work environment, and the desire of each party to impose control over the other. 

Penal conditions

Some unfair penalty conditions may result in loss of ownership of the company or payment of substantial damages and fines in the event of bankruptcy or non-compliance by a party with the terms of the partnership contract or the objectives of the partnership. Dividing the partners may cause some distress in the party that Greater responsibility, especially if the work of the rest of the partners is ineffective, and their presence as their absence.

Responsibility for the mistakes of others

You are a partner in the responsibility for everything that happens in your business. Having a partner who violates the laws will cause you to end up in court too, and this could result in a fine for violating government regulations, a lawsuit in case of civil damage, or the like.

Finally, when considering both the pros and cons of entering into partnership with one of them, or developing the relationship to the level of partnership in the project, the master of the chapter is the owner of the project, you decide your need for a partner or not, Data due to what we reported.

It is also subject to the potential and relevance of the new partner for your project. To what extent can you harmonize and optimize the project?

Before you take that step, you have to be careful and study the entire data accurately, to make sure you are on the right track, and that your project will be written for him.

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