A Brand Born to Survive Time

Before talking about the steps to create a distinctive brand, we must emphasize the essential thing that needs to be at the beginning of any project or the implementation of any idea, namely “faith”; faith in yourself and your mind, and the project you are about to begin. If you own these keys with the will and determination, all the circumstances will help you reach what you want, and your thoughts will be translated into reality. Do not consider the project as an object or a game; see it as a challenge to yourself, a test of your faith in your thoughts, to what extent you can give, for the project is only a translation of the ideas in your imagination.

Now, what are the steps to be taken to create a successful brand?

The success of the brand lies in its ability to create a distinctive impression on the audience when it is heard or seen, and it must be attractive and influential. Putting touches of art and creativity is not easy, but it is not impossible. The following are a few steps to help you reach a distinct brand:

The first step is to form a distinctive message and form: In this step, it is best to study the psychology of the clients or the target group to make the design attractive and modern to convey the message through it.  The integration of colors must be accurately studied, as they have a great impact on the clients, and the goal is to create a first impression in the audience.

The second step is singularity: It means focusing on what distinguishes us, either by offering a unique product to companies or by offering an existing product but to be introduced in a different way and with a new spirit, it is best to make this distinctness the basic identity. For distinctiveness, for example, could be achieved by offering a product that meets current needs, or one that realizes quality over competitive product, or lowers price.

The third step is the added value at the business market: Many new products enter the market every day, so a new brand’s entry will not be easy, and changing consumer habits through the development of an existing product is not easy anymore. Accordingly, companies must have the added value in mind, which means that there should be a definite addition in the case of your acquisition of this product, for example: the introduction of new environment-friendly products in the market is unique, especially in a world where the percentage of pollution increases daily.

The fourth step is attention to details: The shape of the product, its distinctive design and the attractive colors play an important role in the product, but the emphasis on content is essential and cannot be denied. Quality, price and service are a special package that attracts customers, for the customers feeling at ease with the product is necessary to attract them.

The fifth step is choosing the method of packaging and selling the product: There are many studies and research that indicate the impact of the form of the product on the decisions of customers; 52% of customers change their decision to buy products according to form and packaging, and 90% use the things in which the products are provided. Experiment proved that changing the way the product was introduced resulted in a 30% increase in the sales rate, so take care of packaging and selling your product methods.

The sixth step is spread everywhere: Because it has an impact on the success of the brand and people’s trust in it, and increase the chances of sales and staking longer to the mind of the customer. We today see many brands and the strongest of them exist around the world. Even if the brand is famous this should not prevent its owners from intensifying advertisements through social media, and by all possible means, visual, written or audio.

The seventh step is studying customer preferences: Before introducing any idea in the market, you should study the feasibility of the market, the target segment, and ask the people about their experiences and preferences, which must be of crucial importance to the company, and it is necessary to show a trial version of the brand to ask the customers for their opinions about it. This helps them feel as if they are part of your project, earning you their loyalty.

Building a successful brand is a hallmark of any project that wants success and excellence and one that wants to have the confidence of the audience. Today, in a changing world, it is not easy to make customers know and remember your mark, but it is not impossible. Here, we go through a few examples of successful brands in the world of business:

Upon mentioning energy drinks, we recall Red Bull. When you decide to buy a phone, the symbol of luxury and style is definitely Apple. So the brand will represent you. It is a message to everyone, explaining what you have inside, focusing on the unique and simple picture. We also have many examples of famous company brands, which in fact not the epitome of beauty and dazzle, but simple, some are presented as a large letter, in a certain way, but still they are very successful because they reflect the product that they represent.

Today, we live in a modern and evolving world. We must make full use of social networks and platforms, all the tools that break barriers and provide greater opportunity to connect with customers, and thus helps us get a quick reaction to the product.

In order to create a name and a trademark worthy of follow-up; marketing is the solution. Marketing is a key to the success of ideas. There are thousands of ideas that have not been revealed to the public for lack of good marketing, and many ideas have not worked for the failure of marketing policy, so you have to market your product reality with innovative ideas, just make yourself a promise addressed to your customers and oblige yourself to fulfilling it. They must see you as a living example of your values and commitments; through your logo and message, and always emphasize that the content and appearance are integrated, the part of which does not succeed without the other.

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